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Claire Nobles



Collaborative and creative makeup for print, fashion, ads, & more. 


Look your best on camera for interviews, headshots, or corporate events. I specialize in natural looks for both men & women.

Special effects 

Sometimes story tellers need a little help from the makeup department to make their vision come to life. From blood to prosthetics I am ready to help with your vision.

makeover Consultation

Let's go over your current makeup & skincare routines together. I'll be your personal beauty advisor.


about me.

Claire started as an art student and graduated with a degree in Studio Art - Drawing/Painting Emphasis from San Francisco State University in Spring 2014. Claire is known for her delicate, dancing brushstrokes and emotionally calculated paint drips. From an early age, she was inspired by the movement of ballet dancers and the magic of fairy tales. That spark led to her collection of Fairy and Fantasy Illustration from 2008-2013. During college, she spent much of her time experimenting with mediums, networking ideas, exploring color and creating a brand for herself. As she continued college, she began to move beyond illustrations for a stronger body of work focusing on charged pieces of feminism and domestic violence in surrealistic style.


Claire began working in cosmetics and skin care in 2010. The makeup artistry came naturally to her the more she learned about form, composition, light and color. Her love for creating "wearable art" got stronger with her face and body as the canvas. One day while having lunch at SFSU, she overheard a conversation that changed her life. A group of students were discussing the need for a makeup artist for their short film. When Claire heard "makeup artist," she struck up a conversation with them. They needed someone to do gore and special effects. That night she went home and transformed herself into a victim of a fight with eyeshadows, moisturizers, cotton balls and lipgloss as blood. She photographed the makeup job and used the picture to prank one of her friends. This opened a new force of creativity which could not be stopped. She spent her final months at college using makeup as the medium for her art projects.


In October 2014, Claire started at Blush School of Makeup in San Francisco, a makeup only program that focuses on building careers for passionate artists. Her time spent there allowed her to pursue her dreams of creating an eclectic array of characters and using makeup to inspire everyday confidence for people to feel as beautiful as they are. At Blush, she learned the value of sanitation, discipline and practice in everything regarding makeup. She graduated from Blush in April, 2015, earning a Diploma in the 720 hour Master Makeup Artistry Program.


Coming from an art background, Claire strives for perfection. Her drive keeps her pushing for higher things. Claire worked with project Runway's Season 14 Contestant Candice Cuoco for her line, "House of Ccuoco" for her Spring/Fall 2015 Lookbook collection. 


In May 2015, Claire's work appeared in her first magazine, Dreamingless London alongside House of Ccuoco's designs.


Since then, Claire continues her passion and love for all things makeup from bridal to horror to everyday looks. 


"Like fashion, makeup creates a mood, enhances a personality and allows 

 one to slip into something that intrigues the senses for a few hours. . . ."

                                                                                                    -Claire Nobles

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